Platformers on Xbox 1

Rumours are on the increase of a potential crossover between Nintendo and Microsoft which could see Mario Games for the Xbox.

Is this really going to happen?

Why would a company give up the exclusivity of the face of their company? It does not seem to make sense but everything in business has a price. Nintendo hit a homerun with the Wii, blowing opponents out of the water in console sales. But they have stumbled greatly with their constant search for unique gaming experiences. They have also lost a number of older gamers with their pushing of motion sensor dependent games. Switching to Xbox 1 provides a return to standard style controllers. The two companies have already cooperated on Minecraft and people thought we would never get to see Spiderman in a Marvel movie, so it is not totally outlandish.

What is in it for Xbox?

Well for starters the most recognisable videogame character of all time. Also an actual good platformer. There is a demand for the platformers and metroidvania games that define Nintendo’s back catalogue. It would also allow Xbox to tap into the family friendly and casual gamer market that the Kinect utterly failed to crack. If Mario can be added to Xbox 1 it would mean all other titles would be up for negotiation.

Although a deal seems unlikely, as previously stated, it is not beyond the realms of possibility. Even if there is no agreement reached we can always mod.