Clash Royale Tricks, A complete Guide to game

Sometimes clash royale hack can be a challenging game and other players end up winning over you, so here is a list of the best tricks for easier wins.

Tricks for your Battle Deck

  • Balance your deck properly. Don’t take only expensive troops or pure cheap ones, it won’t work out. Also, try to have ranged, melees and resistant troops.
  • Always take a low-cost troop/spell. This can be used for many purposes such as sacrificing them to give more time to your stronger warriors or for any emergencies like a defense or a needed distraction.

Tricks for the Battle

  • Wait until your elixir is full. If you decide to do this, you will be able to use more troops from the get-go and have a stronger offense.
  • Send your troops together. When you send a lone wolf to take a tower by himself, he will usually die miserably because he will need to tank the damage and deal it, the first significantly shortening the time to do the second. Try sending something like a Giant first and in the back so while he walks the damage dealers don’t fall too far behind.

Tricks Outside of the Arena

  • Join a clan. You can exchange cards with the other members, get the cards that you need and not random card from the chests. You will also get extra gold, for free!

Watch TV Royale. You may not be the one playing, but by watching the best ones out there you can learn many different strategies and card combinations or how to react to certain scenarios.