Dine for free at Nando’s: want to know how?

Nando’s is an international restaurant franchise head quartered in Johannesburg of South Africa. It is famous for its unique African-Portuguese peri peri sauce and spices that they use liberally in most of their recipes starting from grilled chicken to mixed green and even on grilled nuts. If you love your food hot and spicy, Nando’s should be your one stop destination. You will also love Nando’s menu prices.

Nando’s have a system of providing freebies through their cards. If you love their food and you frequent one or many of their eateries, collecting one of these cards will prove to be beneficial for you.  Following are the sequences of how to get and use a Nando’s card:

  1. First of all you need to collect your card. Next time you visit a Nando’s just ask for a card at the desk.
  2. Now comes the registration part. You need to visit their website like https://www.nandos.co.uk or download their app on your mobile. On the registration page you need to fill in some personal details like name, date of birth and others. Also you need to input your card number that will be present at the back of your Nando’s card.
  • The process is simple and like any other promotional cards. Points are called chilies here. You need to earn chillies. The more you earn these chilies more will be your reward.
  1. Chillies can be earned in many ways. For example, you will earn a bonus chilli when you register. Order food times more than £ 7 at any outlet of Nando’s. You will earn one chili per visit.
  2. A total of 10 chillies (3 Green, 3 orange and 4 red) form the Chilli Wheel on your card. There are three types of reward classes:
  3. Green Reward: You can redeem three chilies for this reward. You can easily achieve this considering Nando’s menu and prices. The Green reward consist of 1/4 chicken or Fire starter at zero ‘Nando’s prices!
  4. Orange reward: You need six chilies to claim this reward that will serve you a 1/2 chicken and a warm pita or burger or wrap.
  5. Red reward: You can wait till your entire chili wheel is complete. They serve a whole chicken or a single combo meal when you redeem this reward.

Just remember your reward is valid for a year only. So just go to any nearby Nando’s and enjoy your free peri-peri chicken.